Park Sessions

Every Saturday

Park Sessions have been established since the beginning of summer 2015 and has proved very popular. As part of rejuvenating Ashburton park these sessions were introduced for the alocal community who have expressed their desire to see this developed even more. These sessions are absolutely free which hopefully encourage individuals to take up a healthier lifestyle. We are usually found by the front of Ashburton Hall but if the grass is wet then we train on the raised area by the children's play park. There is adequate parking available and a new cafe is being built which will be attached to Ashburton Hall. IMPORTANT NOTICE: CURRENTLY THERE IS NO SATURDAY SESSIONS ASTHEY HAVE BEEN MOVED TO SUNDAYS AS PART OF THE SEISHIRYU CLASS.

  • Times vary: 12 noon to 2 pm every (Winter times) 4 pm to 6 pm (Summer times)
  • Wear loose clothing and trainers.
  • Bringing a towel and water are optional. (some prefer to bring their own mat)


To encourage a healthier lifestyle the silk fan (sensu), short stick (tanbo) and long staff (jo) are used to perform choreographed sets like dance movements. These forms are adapted from traditional martial arts sets but lend their movements to provide grace, strength and flexibility.

  • Provides a sense of welbeing.
  • Allows individuals to be creative and express their artistic sides.
  • Provides a sense of belonging.
A variety of aids are incorporated, such as dumb-bells, stretch-bands, balls and cones....