Our Sessions

Although we follow some basics for warm ups – we try to provide a variety and creative set of movements that cover a range of health requirements. Besides stretching there will breathing, posture and balance exercises as well as meditation and self-protection. Most of these exercises are ideal for those with arthritis, osteoporosis, epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s and similar ailments. For variety, Free-standing equipment such as balls, stretch-bands, cones, short stick and staffs are utilized. One interesting item that’s very popular is the Silk fan which is very similar to the forms used in Tai chi.
The whole project is based on movements taken from a variety of martial arts and in particular aikido. This has drawn many people in to explore the philosophy that is the essence of martial arts.
Individuals are encouraged to extend their personal boundaries but everyone only works to the limits of their capabilities. Please note that the library and park sessions are totally free, but your support is required to maintain continunity and to encorage development.

We endeavour to provide:

  • A safe working environment.
  • Care and support to individuals.
  • A social and friendly meeting place.
  • A consistance and available training program.

Other Requirements:

  • Loose clothing (track suit or similar), trainers are advised. Please remove jewellery and certainly if attending park sessions then it is recommended that you leave jewellery and other valuables at home.

  • Please advise the teacher of any illness, disability or anything that may affect your training or of others.
  • Although every care is taken to ensure the safety and health of all - these sessions are run on a voluntary basis so all participants are required to sign a waiver form or at least acknowledge this fact.