Jane Walsh

Keith is an excellent teacher. He works at an appropriate pace for me, whilst providing new exercises every week. I feel stronger and more flexible after class, and energised. His classes are also great fun!

Adrianna Krajewska

'Body Harmony is recreation time for me. It is the time, when my worries dissapear. It is the time, when my life matters to make possible decisions. It is the time for being positive. It is the time for making new friends and memories. Being outside, in the park, where fresh air is and flora exposure beauty. It is the time for mind-reflection and reality'.


You never know what to expect at Keith's Body Harmony class, and together with Keith's friend Andy, you have a very enjoyable lesson. It may be on the mats or doing stretches with a beach ball or improving your balance with cones. Keith also throws a bit self-defence in the mix. You always come away feeling that you have had a good workout and leave with a smile on your face. A big thank you to Keith..

Mrs G

This is an interesting class for all ages but very specific for the "golden oldies". The two dedicated teachers do their best but we need more space or two classes as the interest in the class is emormous. Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a diverse class.

Tiziana Beneventi

I was lucky to read a note at Croydon library saying it was possible to join exercise classes at Ashburton library.
I joined right away and by doing so I met Keith, the instructor. Keith is a fantastic teacher, his speciality is martial arts, but he is teaching us movement of Tai-chi and yoga, balance, breathing and co-ordination. Keith is very generous man to give us his time and knowledge for free and is willing to give us more lessons but unfortunately cannot find a free venue to use. There must be some free space somewhere that Keith can use. Twenty or more persons are benefiting from his wonderful classes and I am sure that the number will increase if we had more space.  It will be very beneficial to all, to have at least one class more each week. Personally I come out of the class feeling very good, more energetic and less stiff. I am surprised by the way I have learned to use my mental energy, through concentration, to give strength and power to my body.
Please help Keith to help us all! (Tiziana Beneventi aged 86)

Devi Patel

I have been attending Keith's Holistic Classes for about two months and would highly commend his dedication and variety of themes he brings to the classes. They have helped in bringing flexibility whilst, at the same time, been relaxing.